Friday, May 8, 2015

Soos Global Investor Update...Friday, May 8, 2015

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TGIF…yes, because the weekend awaits with summertime weather in NY (finally)…but also TGIF because of today’s NFP data.  Stocks are really enjoying the NFP number, which, though it was in line and last month’s number was revised lower, had enough in it to happy about…the labor situation is improving just enough to keep the economy grinding forward, yet not fast enough that would cause the Fed to hike too much.  Wage growth remains below the level that the Fed wants to see, and there are still no inflation pressures.  So both stocks and bonds like this number!

I’m still not all that excited about buying too much more in the equity space up here (we’re still  @ 80%+ of AUM)….recall what I’ve said about earnings, guidance and valuations.  But selectively, yes, if I see good value.  Otherwise, I’m still on the lookout to trim some positions if the markets’ rally creates oversized weightings in our portfolio, and use that cash to add to and/or diversify into some of the things I’ve mentioned in recent missives….Europe (VGK), Australia (EWA), EM local currency debt (EMLC), cyber-security such as Symantec (SYMC), the rail sector such as Norfolk Southern (NSC) and Trinity (TRN) (Note:  TRN has recovered significantly from the pounding it took last week when the DOJ issued subpoenas in an investigation into possible misconduct in dealing w/government officials.  Once there’s more visibility on this situation, I’d consider re-entering, but as a ‘policy guideline’, I generally stay out of situations that are riddled w/litigious risk).
I have beefed up our so-called defensive positions (what I collectively call our ‘yieldy stuff’…things that ought to hold up well in equity selloffs, and in the meantime, pay a healthy dividend).  I expect to continue to do this, especially until my view on long-term rates changes….again, as I’ve written of late, I don’t see solid ground for long-term rates to rise, so on rate backups, for example, USTsy 10yrs over 2.2%, I’m inclined to buy that space.

Will keep you posted….and please email me w/any questions or thoughts.  I’d be delighted to engage more dialogue on any of these topics and/or on any other positions in the portfolios.


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