Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Carnage"...Is It Time To Shop???

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Quick thoughts pre-bell:

Among the ‘carnage’ is the transportation sector.  Take a look at the Transport ETF below.  Some very quality companies in that basket….but totally out of favor all year….and more so now!  At some point, sector rotation will likely find its way into this space.
It’s on my ‘shopping list’….but patience prevails….
Same can be said for many of the Industrials.  I nibbled recently on UTX, and will look to buy more.   It too has been taken out at the knees.  (see chart below).
The market has traded up overnight off of yesterday’s closing lows.  (see chart below).

Will it hold?  Will it be time to start ‘shopping’?? 
Will keep you posted….

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