Monday, November 18, 2013

Morning Memo: Monday, November 18, 2013 UPDATED

This post is an update to our earlier post Morning Memo:  Monday, November 18, 2013.

Additional items of interest to add to the earlier Morning Memo posting:
  • Chilean elections went as expected for the challenger Bachelet (left of center).  Will be noteworthy, assuming she does in fact win the runoff next month, to see if she's able to garner the support in Congress for reforms on several fronts including eduction, taxation and the electoral process.
  • Bachelet wins Chile presidential election but faces runoff

  •  The National Association of Home Builders survey was worse than expected.  Some evidence of recent higher rates and still tough lending standards dampening home-builder outlooks, though the index still remains above 50 indicating overall optimism.  The optimism is led by demographics of the combination of household formation and other demand for houses outstripping the actual numbers of new homes being built.

  • Of interest re energy:  

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