Thursday, November 14, 2013

Morning Memo: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 (Updated 9:15am ET, 11/14/2013)

"Morning Memo" begins below this "NOTE for  NEWCOMERS" to "Morning Memo"...... Each morning, we post a short bullet-point list of noteworthy events, data, etc that find their way into the assessment of global markets.  It's far from complete and is not meant to be an exhaustive reconciliation of all things that could possibly impact stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities!  Rather, it's best viewed as a cryptic memo of "highlights", noteworthy items that took place in Asia, European and US hours.....and color-coded 'Red' for seemingly negative impact on equity markets, 'Green' for positive.
This will also serve as a useful review mechanism, as scrolling through the series of "Morning Memo" posts over time ought to summarily highlight what generally drove price action.  

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5:00am ET...
  • lower across the board.
  • China...the end of the Communist Party Plenum met with an underwhelming revelation of new policies for economic reform.  The markets took the news, or rather, lack thereof, quite negatively!
  • Indonesia..raised rates!  A 25bp hike to 7.5% likely in order to support the weak Rupiah.  Equity market fell close to 2%.  (Editorial note:  recall the 'counter-cyclical' policy responses, like this, that we've seen by EM countries faced with falling currencies that could exacerbate inflation, just when the economy needs stimulus to domestic consumption, and in the face of large current account deficits.)
  • Spain...annualized consumer inflation fell in October (though the m/m number was up), raising eyebrows at the risk of a broader 'deflation' story in Europe and adding support to last week's surprise rate cut by the ECB.
  • UK...Unemployment drops to 7.6% in Sept, down fr 7.7% in Aug. and closer to the 7% target that the BOE has set as the key metric for changing rate policy.  Jobless claims also fell by more than expected.
  • Eurozone...Industrial Production fell 0.5% in Sept, worse than expected!
  • Of interest, related to our past posts on the "Obesi-fication of America" compiled by Bloomberg Businessweek from a US Dept of Agriculture study:
  • more later....
  • LATER:
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